After defining this; WHY FUSKA NATURAL SPRING WATER? In order to give an answer for this question you need to get to know water a little.
Water is the most important element that comes after oxygen for human life. Human can live for weeks without eating, but they can only live for a few days without water.

92% of the blood, 22% of the bones, 75% of the brain and muscles are comprised of water. The vital activities of the cells, the fulfillment of the body functions are possible by the protection of the hydric balance of the body. 1500 ml by the urine, 500 ml by cutaneous, 300 ml by stools and respiration and in total approximately 2.5 liters of water is lost in order to remove toxins that accumulate in the body and provide the heat balance of the body. If the human body loses the whole Carbohydrate, the whole Fat, half of the Protein, 10% of Water, its life is imperiled.

5% water loss; the individual cannot concentrate. 8% loss of water causes dizziness, extreme fatigue, difficulty in inhalation. Serious health problems such as muscle spasm, extreme fatigue, circulation and renal failure occur in 10% water loss. 20% water loss results in death.


WATER RESERVES (springs): FUSKA Natural Spring Water comes from the high mountains of Sapanca, which is covered with snow for five months of the year. FUSKA Natural Spring Water which has no risks for contamination from human factor contains rich minerals vital for living creatures. FUSKA Natural Spring Water Factory has 35lt/sec water reserves. By using materials suitable to world class and food regulations, the springs have been taken down to the factory with 21 km removing line.

Therefore; FUSKA NATURAL SPRING WATER; is the reason for preference as it contains rich minerals.

FUSKA NATURAL SPRING WATER values: Hardness; 2.78, pH; 7.5 Conductivity; 65